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  1. El Warcha

    El Warcha: Lowry House & Clements House

    El Warcha opened a new studio space in Tottenham, north London. Working in Lowry House and Clements House two shelter homes, managed by Homes for Haringey, the workshop focuses on creating furniture and art installations with local residents. Every week we explore new techniques and share skills, this might include: woodworking, weaving, modelling, casting, and drawing. The workshop is open to everyone and is free of charge.

    Every Monday:

    Clements House (N17 9UQ) from 10:00am – 1:00Pm

    Lowry House (N17 8LZ) from 03:00pm – 5:30Pm

    City: Tottenham / London

    Year: 2019- Ongoing

    Partnering Organisation: City mined, Homes for Haringey

    Financial Partners: Arts Council, Culture seeds/ Mayor of London

    Follow the link here for El WARCHA website:


  2. Quarantine Play Manual

    Quarantine Play Manual is a playful DIY activity to be creative at home during the lockdown.

    We have put on hold our After School Club activities and we decided to create a series of exercises online inspired by design and architecture. 

    We will make a new release every Monday, on our Website, Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!

    Follow this link for other exercises:

  3. After School Club - Play time in Hartington Park

    Programme for 7 to 14 years old

    Do you think your children should have more creative and hands on activities with a direct impact on their environment? El Warcha after school club is introducing children to design and the basics of woodworking. During the 11 sessions we will look at different ways we could make Hartington Park a more welcoming and creative environment.

    At the moment all the sessions are on hold.

    When: From the 25th of February to 19th of May - Break for Easter Holidays, from Monday 6th to Friday 17th April. Tuesdays 4 - 6pm.
    Where: Clements House, Siddons Road, Tottenham, London, N17 9UQ
    What will I do: Design and build playful furniture and public art for Hartington Park
    What will I learn: Drawing, planning, model making, hammering, marking out, drilling, sawing
    Free of charge.

    Project supported by Mayor of London and Homes for Haringey

  4. Summer School - Public Art in Hartington Park

    Coming up soon: 27th of July - 8th of August

    The Public Art in Hartington Park summer school project is a collaborative design and construction project for young people 15-18 years old, to prototype design proposals for selected areas in Hartington park. Working in collaboration with Friends of Hartington Park and local youth groups, the project aims to reimagine a more vibrant and welcoming space for the community. Through a hands-on and playful approach, we will add colour and design temporary structures. Participants will learn about the design process and construction methods, whilst gaining new skills as part of our 12 days design and building workshop at the end of July.

    This project is developed with:

    _STORE Project

    _Friends of Hartington Park

    _Homes For Haringey

    _City Mine(d)

    Follow this link for more details:

  5. Hydroponic Playground

    "During the week of 15 to 22 September 2019, the El Warcha London team, composed of Benjamin Perrot and Inês Marques, came to El Warcha Tunis for a residency. Inês Marques, a trained designer specialising in water issues, proposed to develop a hydroponic project that would benefit the community of the Hafsia district, where El Warcha Tunis is located. The Tunis team prepared the groundwork upstream in order to initiate a dialogue with the inhabitants, but also to find the location of this hydroponic project. For several months now, the members of Warcha Tunis have been approached by the inhabitants of the building in which the workshop is located, in order to carry out a project in their courtyard. It therefore seemed interesting to us to offer them the hydroponic system in this space, which would be developed and co-realized with the living community."
    Carnet de Bord sent to "Journal de la medina" 2019





  6. Fashion Tech Creative Enterprise Support Programme

    Design Thinking Workshop, Abuja, Nigeria, 2019

    This programme has the support of Assembly Official, The British Council, Do It Now Now and Ventures Platform. A week of design thinking exercises to develop a full project in two days, 60 enterpreneurs were divided in three groups. Those groups were divided infour groups and work collectively towards a project where they will have to develop a concept, user journey, business model and marketing. It had the aim to help young entreperneurs create more conscious products, understanding how technology could be fitted to their fashion practice and have an impact in their enviroment. Themes explores: Waste; local resources; technology gap.

  7. Água

    Project done in collaboration with LuzLinar Association and Valentina Coraglia.

    Day activity exploring the forest and water in the region, Feital, Portugal, 2019

    The workshop took place in an area that is deserted, in the north of Portugal. The exercise was to draw and map the water in the area that they were visiting, drawing the invisible. At the same time condensation structures were being built with local resources and traditional techniques. The young people were asked to exhibit their maps next to the research of two artists working around water col- lection. This work was been developed in collaboration with Arborist, Joao Paulo Carvalho from The University of Beira Alta.

  8. The Future of Walking

    How can we transform our activity to clean the air?

    London is regularly exceeding the legally binding pollution limits set by the EU. Whether commuting to work or school; jogging or walking; the noxious gases and particulates penetrate deep into our lungs posing a significant health risk.

    The Future of Walking is a dynamic footwear that directly filters the air at ground level through our shoes. As a concept it has the potential to not only raise awareness about the high levels of air pollution in London, but also to make a significant impact on the air we breathe.

    With a support of Makerversity, Variable, IFA - International Fashion Academy Paris and Material Driven.  

    Exhibited in Architects@work, Somerset House and London Design Week at The Future Laboratory