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    Sustainable Cooking Blog & Inspiration For Expired Food

    This blog response on our every day food wastes and wants to bring a sense of awareness. Afterdate is created to inspire young, busy, urban-life individuals who are the biggest cause this problem.

    According to the study done by WRAP in 2014, a organisation that works within the UK government and charity helping them administrating their sustainable resource, an individual household produces 44% more food waste than a family household.

    Food is wasted for many reasons but the majority of the waste is down to products being “out of date” or food left unfinished after meals. Food legislation in UK applies tight restrictions to the amount of time given for consuming products. It´s sometimes unclear if this is for health & safety reasons or for marketing.

    It´s often difficult to cook for yourself and to remember to eat everything in the fridge before it goes off. It´s just about knowing what to do with what.

    Afterdate takes care of the post-life of some of the most wasted ingredients after of the “Best-Before” date. One or two days expired will not change its core quality you still can create a delicious meal.

    The recipes on Afterdate are focused on ingredients that are already expired but they are still fresh products. For this propose we choose the biggest group of ingredients being wasted such as bread, vegetables, fruit and dairy.

    Afterdate helps you trusting again on your natural instinct by showing the degradation of food. You will be able again to look at food, see its colour, feel and smell its scent and know if it´s eatable or not.

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    - LS:N GLOBAL (UK) article at:…/artic…/17860/rca-csm-show-review 
    “A complex perspective on the topic was offered by the first-year students of the MA Material Futures course, who explored two radically opposing approaches to sustainability – synthetic biology and permaculture – as part of the Botanical Follies project. A stand-out part of this was Afterdate by Ines Marques and Anne Vaandrager, a blog designed to reduce domestic food waste by providing knowledge about food freshness and recipes for safe consumption of products that are past their best-before date.”

    - Observador (PT) article at:…/confiar-nos-prazos-de-validade-pode…/ 
    “No Afterdate há esta ideia de retorno a um momento de maior ligação com a comida, “uma relação mais afetiva e nostálgica, quase poética”, explica, para falar da secção organoleptic, onde as duas amigas fotografaram manjericão a secar ou como um pimento envelhece na prateleira. Tudo isto com muita simplicidade nas fotografias e nas explicações, que são quase nenhumas.”
    “ In Afterdate exist this idea of retorning to a moment with a better connection with food, ” a more affective, nolstalgic, almos poetic relationship", explains to talk about the organoleptic section, where the two friends photograph basil that was drying and getting overripe or how the pepper gets old in our shelfs. All of this with simplicity in the photos and with almost no explanations.“