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    D-ACT, Unfold Practice

    A design project developed with Valentina Coraglia and presented in OPERAE Independent Design Week.

    A designer has to present a real political position and understanding the responsibilities that is outcomes are delivering. What it ends with a social and simple approach starts of with a research of the political and economical system evaluation and his current issues.

    Design communicates, through the simple language of artefacts, complex research to a wider audience. Such artefacts are useful mediums to enlighten masses; indeed objects can be a dangerous tool that draws people to wrong purposes. 

    Is time that, even when design is replying to global issues, it needs to be refocused in a more specific culture or location of its origin. Design has the role to make culture and identity survive thought his outcomes such as it has specifics social impacts to respond to.

    The artefacts that we create are used to make a connection between the present and the future / the traditional and innovative. In the end we see create a social activity that brings the designer closer to the community and the artefacts will make a bridge between an idea and reality. 

    Nov. 2016