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    Digestion, a humorous continuation of the previous installation Blend In.  It follows the questions raised before regarding globalisation and its input towards a future hegemonized world.

    Culture, language, religion, demographic presence, ideology and economic expropriation are all part of an ‘alimentary bolus’ that dismantles physically, in smaller pieces, for the possibility of a digestion. To digest something is to acknowledge that it comes as a pre-processed reality of something that is already past and it was raised within a system that is not only ours; there is a need to acknowledge it as a collective digestive organism. 

    This display is a place to rethink how generations re-evaluate previous generations’ decisions and how they are processed in a fast-forward thinking world. It intends to raise awareness to how this decision making process shapes our world and how it can be questioned.

    Digestion has been exhibited on Window space at the Metropolitan University.

    Has been anounced in Whitechapel Gallery website -

    Photographed by Inês Costa.