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    Language is our ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication. It is constantly changing and re-shaping according to cultural environment, globalisation, economics and political systems. How languages die and how they survive at time.

    In the world where learning language is changing his methods, how e-books, video-teaching, e-Mentoring and advance technology is replacing old techniques of writing and reading.

    When learning code is natural as learning a second language how this is going to shape our language?

    This project shows a conversation that tries to make visible this transformation of words as image. How writing and reading can affect our speaking and listening. Where the dictionary makes a bridge between ages and where my 80 years old eyes look through this pages trying to decode them.

    Exhibited in PROTECHT exhibtion at The Bank Cass gallery in collaboration with students of Curating Contemporary MA of London Metropolitan University. 

    Talk between me and Emily Lazerwitz at London Metropolitan University about our works and how language is in an ongoing changing flux guided by technologies and fast ways to communicate in the society.