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    We are image.
    The image is noise.

    We are Noise.

    This work talks about the connection that existes between man and technology. The technology as extension of the body, where we share and communicate. We manipu- late the public therefore we will introduce our self as what we want to show.

    I want to investigate the meaning of screen. This work consists in a succesive record- ings where I talk about my day. After that I start to deconstruct until I transform myself in just black shapes with primarie colors, no longer something human but digital image only.

    Cable by cable,transaction of image from machine to another machine and what is lost between that. Until I am just noise.

    After this manual deconstruction resorted to programs such as data-bending and compressing video files just for that image noise was total. Abstracts images where you don't see my presence.